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Vibra Activ
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Revolution in effortless slimming Vibrating fat burning machine & revolution in effortless slimming! Unprecedented vibration technology utilized in VibraActiv causes intense rotating stimulation that mobilizes fat to burn off through kneading adipocytes. This incitement also motivates...
Группа: Тренажеры
Тренажер Aquashape Treadmills
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AQUASHAPE WATER EXERCISE TREADMILLS BENEFITS NEWEST AQUA EXERCISE EQUIPMENT. Transform usual physical exercises in the pool to underwater aerobic running training. The latest water aerobics device combining the advantages of the water resistance benefits with the ability to walk or run under...
Группа: Тренажеры
Тренажер Aquashape Elliptical
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AQUASHAPE ELLIPTICAL BENEFITS Newest water aerobics equipment. Transform ordinary exercises in the pool to elliptical training underwater. Universal and easy-to-use aqua fitness equipment for exercises in the pool combining the advantages of rowing, cross country skiing, stepper and elliptical...
Группа: Тренажеры


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