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Тренажер Aquashape Elliptical
  • Тренажер Aquashape Elliptical
  • Тренажер Aquashape Elliptical
  • Тренажер Aquashape Elliptical
  • Тренажер Aquashape Elliptical

Тренажер Aquashape Elliptical

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Newest water aerobics equipment. Transform ordinary exercises in the pool to elliptical training underwater.

Universal and easy-to-use aqua fitness equipment for exercises in the pool combining the advantages of rowing, cross country skiing, stepper and elliptical trainer.
Exercises for AQUASHAPE Elliptical involved to work all the muscles of the body. In fact, it is about 80% of the muscles that are involved in the exercise. The secret lies in an elliptical motion underwater is not putting pressure on the joints, minimizing the potential for injury. AQUASHAPE ELLIPTICAL DISCOVER A NEW TYPE OF FITNESS Aquashape Elliptical provides a complete muscle cardio workout with two options to exercise. One is general exercise from a central steering and the second for a more intensive effort, thanks to the shuttle handles AQUASHAPE ELLIPTICAL AJUSTING RESISTANCE AND PITCH This aquatic fitness device offers the user running at different angles for optimal leg work. Resistance adjustment is obtained without the need to interrupt your workout. Additional transport wheels and low weight of this aquatic equipment make movement inside the pool and usage is very easy. AQUASHAPE ELLIPTICAL ADVANCED SOLUTION

Special foam-covered pedals for use on barefoot along with adjustable ligaments make water exercise more comfortable for client. Pedaling system based on waterproof ball-bearing, so that we get smooth movement and an appropriate angle of the pedal.

AQUASHAPE ELLIPTICAL 3 YEARS WARRANTY AQUASHAPE ELLIPTICAL comes with 3-years warranty on all metal parts and a 6 months warranty on wear foam parts. Best aqua fitness equipment on market
SPECIFICATION AquaShape Elliptical MADE FROM 100% stainless steel class 316L
COATING polished steel with anti-corrosion coating
MOVING PARTS stainless steel bearings and seal rings
PEDALS the latest design with the use of foam that gives comfort to bare feet
ARM HOLDER new design, very durable and ergonomic
ROUNDS rubber wheels for easy portability
type OF WATER suitable for aqua workout in hot and cold water, seawater and pool with chlorine
WEIGHT 26kg / 55LB
CAPACITY 0,9m to 1,5m

Страна производитель:Польша
Информация актуальна: 03.12.2018
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Тренажер Aquashape Elliptical от компании VACUACTIVUS, Львове (Украина). Купить Тренажер Aquashape Elliptical со склада. Цена, фото, условия доставки. Звоните!