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Aquabike Aquashape 4
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Aqua bike AquaShape 4 Benefits of aquatic equipment for spinning exercise in pool New AquaShape AquaBike 4 combines modern design and technical innovation to simplify its use. The hydraulic system has been reworked by our experts in order to improve performance during aqua training. At any moment,...
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Aquashape accessories for Aqua Biking
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Bar multi-training Aqua Shape Expand of your exercise of aqua aerobics Bar Multi-Training has been specifically designed to quickly and easily installation it on the back of the aqua bike. Just put it behind the saddle of aquabike and you can supplement your training with additional exercises....
Группа: Спорттовары


Спорттовары от компании VACUACTIVUS Львове (Украина). Каталог товаров - Спорттовары. Продажа оптом и в розницу. Звоните!