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  • Aquabike Aquashape 4
Aquabike Aquashape 4
  • Aquabike Aquashape 4
  • Aquabike Aquashape 4
  • Aquabike Aquashape 4

Aquabike Aquashape 4

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Страна производитель:Польша

Aqua bike AquaShape 4
Benefits of aquatic equipment
for spinning exercise in pool

New AquaShape AquaBike 4 combines modern design and technical innovation to simplify its use. The hydraulic system has been reworked by our experts in order to improve performance during aqua training. At any moment, you can freely set the level of exertion during exercise performed, depending on the purpose and the condition of the user. Modularity settings offer a variety of items that enhance comfort. Aquashape AquaBike 4 provides convinient aqua aerobic exercoses for all users, irrespective of age, and condition of health (except in cases of heart failure). Each individual may adjust the velocity and the intensity of the effort. New system AQUAPALM for aqua spinning exercise Used in Aquashape Bike 4 Aquapalm system consists of four fins designed as to maximize productivity. This solution very popular worked out among physiotherapists and hydrotherapist. 2 new pedels AQUASPEED for comfortable pedaling under water New pedals AQUASPEED 2 feature anatomical permanent tape
(from 36 to 44 cm). Thanks to their innovative design and its soft
finish with foam, it is possible to pedal with bare feet,
both forward and backward thereby extending the package classes
New holder for arms for comfortable water aerobic exercise With the new steering wheel design, Aquashape Aqua Bike 3 offers three different training positions to suit each one of us: a standard option, sport option and position of city bike racing. Use for aquatic fitness workout Sports version of Aquashape aquabike 4 is designed for professionals
who want to combine cardio with strength training.
Aquashape aqua bike 4 has four adjustable resistance levels,
designed for everyday use as well as professional training,
commercial use and ideal for group activities.
AQUASHAPE AQUABIKE 4 3 years warranty for aqua bike AquaShape


Our aquatic fitness equipment has a 3-year warranty on all metal parts and a 6 months warranty on wear parts such as the saddle or foam. The best offer for water exercise equipment on market

Specification pool bike AquaShape 4. Best pool bike on market!

MATERIAL 100 % stainless steel class 316L
COATING polished steel with anti-corrosion coating
SADDLE the saddle made with a perforated PVC anatomical structure giving comfort
MOVING PARTS stainless steel bearings and seal rings
PEDALS the latest design with the use of foam that gives comfort to bare feet
HOLDER FOR ARM new Design, ergonomic holders anti-scratch
AJUSTMENT aqua bike fully adjustable for different aqua exercises
ROUNDS rubber wheels for easy portability
TYPE OF WATER suitable for workout in hot and cold water, seawater and pool water with chlorine
RESISTANCE CLICK innovative system allows you to easily change settings
WEIGHT 22 kg / 48LB
PACKING dimensions 885mm/885mm/265mm, weight brutto 26kg / 55LB
Страна производитель:Польша
Информация актуальна: 15.08.2018


Aquabike Aquashape 4 от компании VACUACTIVUS, Львове (Украина). Купить Aquabike Aquashape 4 со склада. Цена, фото, условия доставки. Звоните!
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